Productivity Safety Net Program (PSNP)

01. Background


The Ethiopian Government launched the Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) in February 2005 with the objectives to reduce household vulnerability, improve resilience to shock and promote sustainable community development in food insecure areas of rural Ethiopia. So far three phases of PSNP were operational from 2005-2014 and demonstrated positive impacts in terms of household and community asset building.

Regional Aggregate for Permanent Direct Support
03. Summary

Project Beneficiaries

Total number of beneficiaries are 1,673,009 and these are found in Somali Regional State. Out of the total beneficiaries about 1,420,192 clients are public work and temporary direct support beneficiaries, while the remaining 252,817 are permanent direct support beneficiaries. In the course of program implementation, a shift from PW to TDS and vice versa is expected to address temporary DS clients based onthe implementation manual adopted for
the program. The overall regional aggregate for permanent direct support is 17.6 %.

Temporary Direct Support beneficiaries
Permanent Direct Support beneficiaries

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